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Successful change does not happen by chance. It is a matter of choice.

At WAI, we are experts in large-scale process performance improvement and change execution in service organizations, such as insurance, healthcare, customer support and service, government.

We offer professional consulting, training, facilitation and coaching to service organizations trying to succeed against major change demands.

We understand that those demands do not come in predictable packages and usually do not fit neat models or fixed approaches. The objectives are often not as sophisticated as performance optimization; sometimes they require just coping with budget reductions, head office mandates, reorganizations, or policy changes while still delivering products and services to waiting customers.

We know the pitfalls and the failure points that cause so many change efforts to fall short, and, most important, we understand how to avoid them. We specialize in tapping the critical ingredients and hidden resources that bring success, that allow management teams to breath easier knowing that they will have the needed results.

We bring a flexible, adaptive approach, developed over 20 years of application and experience, which allows us to build successful results against the demands you face, within your unique organization, and with the resources you can afford. We are the consulting company for organizations that choose success.

We integrate consulting, training, coaching and facilitation to bring

  • Structure: to create order, shared understanding, and to effectively tap essential leadership and management for the challenge ahead
  • Strategy and logic: to link broad goals to day-to-day tactical work through an efficient, comprehensive roadmap
  • Tools and techniques: to enable and involve; an integrated portfolio of tools to effectively deal with process, measurement, analysis, solution development - the right skills at the right time and
  • Independence from consultant support; we build client capabilities by mentoring internal expertise, transfer of training technology, and effective skills building.

The outcomes?

  • Measurable, sustainable success
  • Internal expertise in structure, tools and techniques
  • Enhanced organizational capabilities for dealing with change
  • A stronger, more effective management team.

WAI consultants are experts in process based change execution, whether in performance improvement, mergers and acquisitions, streamlining, or process design. We are six sigma black belt registered by the American Society for Quality; we are also grand master black belts. We have over 100 years of combined experience in creating results for our clients.



Observations & Advisories (CSS Edition):

We are pleased to announce a new special edition of Observations&Advisories which focuses on the vital and demanding work of Child Support Enforcement agencies, O&A – CSS. The same insightful, provocative articles – but customized to the work of this extraordinary service.

adobe_pdf_logo.gif Download the Current CSS Observations & Advisories Forum

Observations & Advisories:

A forum for ideas and perspectives on making process based change projects work in the real-world work place.

OandA4.pdf Download the Current Observations & Advisories Forum

View the complete Observations & Advisories Forum archive


Worshop Registration

WORKSHOP: Creating Success Out Of the Turmoil Of Major Change Strategy, tools and techniques for building needed results.

To register for this workshop, down load this document electronically, fill it out and send it back to as an email attachment and bring a check with you to the workshop.

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