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Williams Alliance International

As a management consulting and training company, Williams Alliance International specializes in helping organizations with process based, large scale change. We are distinguished by our record for successful, measurable results and for our commitment to expanding our client's capabilities, helping them to gain independence from future consulting support.

We offer a number of services to structure, direct and support strategic change:

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  • measurement and analytical services
  • six sigma tools and techniques
  • survey design and implementation
  • people skills



Williams Alliance International is the consulting group of choice for organizations who require effective, 'process based' strategic change. Our clients are looking for results, and they turn to Williams Alliance International for:

  • technical expertise
  • the strength of our affiliate consultants
  • our respect for our clients' people and resources
  • our willingness to tackle tough problems.

We select the clients we work with based on their own commitment to success, their interest in excelling in their field, and on the value and respect they have for their own people as well as for us, their consultants.

We are an affiliate of choice for other consultants and consulting groups because of our professional expertise and integrity.



We bring consulting expertise, a structured, powerful model, and applied training to clients, which allow them to successfully accomplish their strategic objectives, expand their horizons, and build their own internal resources and capabilities. The client's managers and employees are the optimal medium for successful change. They are the company's first and best resource. We will not advise that we do anything that the client is capable of doing for itself.

We strive to bring the best available expertise to bear to make our clients successful. We maintain partnerships with affiliate organizations of both high integrity and expertise.



We hold an absolute commitment to our client's success. The actions, advice, and information we deliver are all aimed at reaching the client's goals. It is more important to tell the client what they need to know in order for them to succeed rather than simply what they would like to hear. If we cannot build success for the client, for whatever reason, then we will seek a valid replacement consulting group and end the contract.

Honesty is fundamental in how we run our business, in how we work together day-to-day, and in how we treat our clients. We assume only the highest levels of honesty in our partners and in our clients unless and until we have reason to think otherwise.

We respect our partners, client managers and employees for their intelligence, integrity, and priorities both in their work and in personal lives.

Life is too short to be unhappy for any great length of time. We work to live. Our work, in turn, is a part of our lives. If what you are doing is making you unhappy, let's change it if we can.

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