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Mining the Middle Ground: Developing Mid-level Managers for Strategic Change
by David N. Williams

Successfully enabled and cultivated, mid-level managers can be your company's strongest resource for knowledge creation, breakthrough thinking, and change leadership - and they are readily available to you. Developing and tapping this resource is an option you cannot continue to ignore. Stop wasting the valuable resource middle management represents based on stereotypes and low expectations. Raise your sights, actively develop and involve middle management, and you will discover that this group is a vital, unique asset for driving strategic change as well as for day-to-day work. Mining the Middle Ground: Developing Mid-Level Managers for Strategic Change shows you how to make it happen.


  • Focuses on how to tap your middle management - maximizing the value gained from investments and resources already on hand
  • Furnishes a field-proven model for developing, integrating, and using middle management as a resource
  • Provides clear step-by-step directions on how to implement the model in real work places - based on the author's 15 years of applying it in over 100 organizations
  • Includes guidelines, tips, and pitfalls based on years of experience with making the model work in a variety of organizations and industries
  • Contains case studies, success stories, and in-depth interview excerpts that bring the concepts and approaches into the real-world

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