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campaigning_blue_small.gif is a powerful yet versatile approach for:
  • accomplishing large, process based, change objectives
  • understanding and managing "cross-functional," core process
  • aligning the organization structure with core processes

Primary benefits:

  • results - strategic objectives are successfully met
  • greater efficiency in six sigma and other change efforts
  • more effective use of managers and employees
  • increased organizational change capabilities

Since its inception by Williams Alliance International, over seventy clients from a broad range of industries have utilized campaigning_blue_small.gif to address a wide array of strategic issues. campaigning_blue_small.gif

  • is easily customized to different organizations, from health care to manufacturing to government agencies
  • incorporates and optimizes a wide variety of change approaches, from re-engineering to incremental change to self-directed work teams
  • fits the demands of "real world" change: flexibility, creativity, and adaptability

 campaigning_blue_small.gif is a structured, disciplined approach to strategic change. We combine consulting with customized, applied workshops to both develop internal capabilities and deliver successful, measurable results. Its focus is on carrying out successful, large scale change while developing the groundwork and capabilities for long-term, core process management.

  • As a change tool it supports and guides clients through accomplishing massive change. Managers and employees are developed and tapped as a primary resource in the effort.
  • As a process management approach, campaigning_blue_small.gif takes clients through the steps necessary to understand and continuously streamline and improve the large, cross-functional processes that are essential to the organization's competitive position and survival.

Top-to-bottom (vertical) and side-to-side (horizontal) alignment of priorities and accountabilities give the client a powerful approach for making improvements against the most chronic efficiency, quality or cost problems. After successful change, campaigning_blue_small.gif leaves behind improved change capabilities, a mobilized middle management resource, and the ability to better understand and manage large cross-functional processes.

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