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Measurement and Analytical Services

"The sampling methodology and measurement work done by Williams Alliance International helped our company to far surpass our efficiency goals and it saved us several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year."

Director, Quality Service
Automatic Liquid Packaging, Inc.


Accurate, consistent, timely and, most of all, useful data is fundamental to six sigma and to any effective management effort. The difficult part is acquiring data, making sure that it is valid, accurate, and that it allows decisions to be made. Without expertise, trying to get data can be frustrating, time consuming and can lead to false conclusions. Williams Alliance International offers resources to assist clients in meeting their short and long term measurement needs.

The benefits

Better information and optimal decisions will:

  • Take your organization further faster. Rely on our expertise to get the data you need without the pain and delays of learning how much you may not know about information gathering.
  • Avoid the high cost of "almost right" decisions.

Services offered:

  • process performance measurement
  • data needs assessment
  • sampling strategy and data capture design
  • data analysis and decision making
  • statistical process control
  • sample survey studies

Our customized approach:

  • reflects each client's unique needs
  • facilitates client independence through complete documentation and training, resulting in minimal consultant support
  • optimizes efficiency by delivering only the needed data in as simple and easy to understand terms as possible

We make the complex world of statistics simpler.

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