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Overview of Services Offered

Williams Alliance International is a process based, strategic change consulting group. We connect visions to measurable results. Process engineering, management, and improvement, measurement, and analysis are our expert areas. We combine these into core consulting products that focus on assisting and supporting the client in meeting major change objectives. We also deliver "people skills" development, such as teamwork, leadership or communications, where and when needed to facilitate and support change efforts.


campaigning_blue_small.gif - Connecting Visions to Measurable Results

This powerful, process based approach to large scale change and process management is our flagship consultant service. It combines vertical alignment and integration of change priorities and responsibilities with an efficient, cross-functional process approach to deliver measurable results. It focuses and structures six sigma methods to maximize and extend the results gained. Consulting and applied training are combined to build success as well as to expand client capabilities for strategic change.

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If you can't measure it you can't manage it,
if you can't manage it you can't change it

Effective long-term and short term measurements are essential in any successful change effort as well as for day-to-day management. Developing, implementing, and effectively using them also represents one of the greatest challenges. Our consultants combine hands-on "doing" with training to get measures in use while expanding client capabilities.

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Six Sigma and Quality Management

Customer satisfaction focused management and continuous improvement are critical to any organization. Making the six sigma approach an effective part of your company can deliver results far beyond expectations. However it takes time, focus, and a good sense of how to make it work. We are experts on the tough parts: priority setting, measurement, process engineering and analysis, maintaining the priority, and getting results. We have over 20 years experience helping clients to make six sigma work; we can help you to make it work in your organization.

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Survey Design and Implementation

Some essential data is only available through sample survey studies. Surveys are often the only way to effectively communicate the voice of customers, employees, and the community. Our training and consulting services deliver the skills and resources needed to carry out single or on-going surveys.

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People Skills

Successful strategic change requires capable people as well as efficient processes. Without one the other is just not enough. Our approach is to build people skills in order to support strategic change efforts. Real world, real time skill building means the strategic changes will be more effective for a longer amount of time.

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